Health Management

H-ealth / Hell’the / Man-age-ment / man’ADJ’munt

Encouraging you to think about your health and well being, to take an interest in the financial services products you buy such that you reduce the risk of EVER needing them!

What are the risks?

Financial advice is generally focused on the risks of: –

  • Dying too soon;
  • Living too long; or
  • Getting sick along the way!

And for generations now, this is what advisers have concentrated on – arranging life assurance, pensions, investments and income protection policies to help manage the financial consequences in the five fundamental areas.  Things do, of course go wrong and, as your advisers, we accept the responsibility of making sure that at the moment of truth plans exist to help provide much needed financial security.

We do however believe it’s time for a change – time to introduce a slightly different approach – time to say “Of course you should have these plans in place, but we want you to reduce the risk of ever making a claim by living well, following a healthy diet, exercising and enjoying an overall sense of well being!”

And it is with this in mind that we have introduced Health Management as the 6th fundamental area of what we do!  It is a new approach and we accept may take some time to become fully accepted.  We hope you’ll agree that encouraging you to look after your health is however a natural extension to our usual prudent approach!

The solution might include…

Following a healthy diet

Exercise on a regular basis

Don’t smoke

Drink alcohol in moderation!

Take time for yourself

Balance work, family AND time for yourself

Having regular health checks

Things to consider…

The cost of the financial services products you purchase are generally based on your health and lifestyle – improve this and costs could reduce!

We all need targets to keep us focused – what’s yours?

Motivation comes in many forms – the stick and the carrot – what works best for you?

We all need recognition –

When we’ve done well we want rewards and when we’ve not been quite so good – a little extra encouragement!

Healthy living is a lifestyle choice!

Our top tip...

Waist circumference…

Ideal number: half (or less) of your height in inches! Wrap a tape measure around your middle at your belly button, and then suck in and measure.

“Any fat that you have in your belly is unlikely to cause disease or premature aging if your waist circumference is in check.”

Michael Roizen, MD & Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, regarded as one of the Top 4 hospitals in the USA * See links page.

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* According the US News & World Report 2014 / 14