On-going Service

Understanding your requirements for ‘on-going service’ is another key element of the investment advice we provide.

The guide ‘About Our On-going Services’ explains the different service propositions we have developed to reflect such evolving needs and these are outlined below.

We understand the type of service required by Clients will change as they progress through different stages of their life. 

Lifestyle Planning Service – appropriate for clients at either an ‘advanced’ stage of wealth creation, or wealth preservation

We would expect clients to have in excess of £180,000 in capital wealth requiring management.

The bespoke nature of this service is based on the client having a Financial Plan that demands a thorough & robust approach ensuring you remain ‘on track’ to achieve specific goals.

The Plan is based on –

  • Bi-annual face to face reviews
  • Specific aspirational goals & targets, including capital funding requirements (and debt repayment)
  • Target income levels forecast at future life stages
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Attitude to risk

Annual Portfolio Update & Review Serviceappropriate when clients are at the ‘building wealth’ stage of life.

Primarily focused on advising upon investments & pensions being managed by Chester Partnership. We would expect clients to have a minimum of £45,000 capital wealth.

This service is based on –

  • Annual reviews of your portfolio to achieve investment goals
  • Depending on your circumstances, reviews may be conducted on a face to face basis or by telephone
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Attitude to risk

Transactional Service – may be appropriate at the earliest stages of wealth creation when a client is just starting to make regular savings & pension contributions

Appropriate when your priorities relate to –

  • Financial protection for you and your family
  • Income protection
  • Mortgage arrangements
  • The early stages of wealth creation with regular savings, including pensions with funds up to approximately £45,000.

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