Our Investment Beliefs

When it comes to reviewing your savings and investments what we do is again based on the 6 stage ADVICE process with a set of investment beliefs confirming:

  • A clear understanding of your objectivesand what investments are intended to achieve is key to our advice & your decision making
  • Access to short term, and ‘emergency’ funds – savings are important for short terms needs.  Investment is for longer term plans.
  • Repayment of debtis a fundamental part of achieving financial security.
  • Risk – there will rarely be a perfect solution when satisfying an investor’s needs and financial planning involves the balancing of a number of different risks.  What is clear – when we accept an instruction to act on your behalf we accept the responsibility that goes with it to make you aware of any potential risks in your financial plans.
  • Diversification – and therefore exposure across all asset types reduces risk.  We therefore don’t believe in putting too may eggs in the one basket!
  • It’s time in the market that counts – not timing the market!  We believe that investors seeking to chase ‘star performance’ or ‘catch the next wave’ of high investment returns are exposed to potentially significant risks and higher transactional costs.
  • Adopting a Managed Investment Solution – we believe that decisions regarding asset allocation should be outsourced to skilled fund managers
  • Investment stylesacademic theory and expert opinion is inconclusive regarding the most effective approach to portfolio management.  We select funds, and fund managers to create a well balanced portfolio that combines these different investment styles.
  • Consistency in our approach – you should be able to rely on advice that is delivered by advisers operating within a systematic & controlled process.

See the Guide to our Investment Beliefs (pdf download).

Please be aware:

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.


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