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The initial advice process

We are committed to the consistent delivery of a 6 stage ADVICE process that reflects the best practices of the modern, professional financial adviser.   We recommend a logical sequence that has been developed over 20+ years experience and will usually include the following stages: –


Please be aware, when providing advice we will always seek to balance the intended benefits with any potential downsides and risks, for example:

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Stage 1

Acknowledge & Prepare

We will acknowledge your initial areas of interest and concern.

We will usually ask you to prepare for an initial meeting by completing a ‘Fact Find’ information pack.

This information helps to ensure the time we spend together is focused on understanding your circumstances, needs & objectives, and enables you to gain maximum benefit from our meeting.

All information provided is, of course, treated with absolute confidentiality.

Stage 2

Discuss & Decide on Your Objectives & Priorities

Prior to providing advice, we need to take reasonable steps to ‘get to know you’.

During a ‘fact find’ meeting, our primary objectives are: –

  • To understand your circumstances
  • Establish & prioritise your financial planning needs, and
  • Agree your attitude to any risks involved.

We will explain the range of advice & services available to you and your payment options.

As soon as possible after this initial meeting we will provide you with a Service & Payment Agreement detailing the work to be completed and the costs involved.

Stage 3

View & Visualise all Possible Solutions

Prior to making specific recommendations, we will require a period of time to evaluate the ‘fact find’ information obtained.

We will identify & then quantify any potential shortfalls in your plans before ‘scoping out’ or visualising all possible solutions to your needs.

If it becomes apparent that a financial services product is a possible solution to your needs our research will be based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market.

Stage 4

Issue Initial Report

Having completed our research, we will then prepare a detailed ‘Suitability Report’ to explain our advice and recommendations.

Under most circumstances, this will be sent for your perusal prior to our second meeting thereby allowing you time to read, consider and prepare any questions regarding the advice provided.

Stage 5

Clarify Advice & Create Action Plan

Explaining our advice & recommendations will normally involve a 2nd meeting.

The priority is to ensure our recommendations clearly focus on solving the financial planning needs established previously.

When making our recommendations we understand that you may accept all of them, some of them or, indeed none of them. As such, there is no obligation on your behalf to purchase any products or accept any of the advice provided.

Stage 6

Engage in appropriate On-Going Service

Understanding your requirements for ‘on-going service’ is another key element of our advice process.

We understand the type of service required by Clients will change as they progress through different stages of their life.

We have therefore developed different service propositions to reflect such evolving needs and these are outlined below.

Whilst explaining this six stage ADVICE process, we do recognise the need for flexibility and the ability to adapt the process to suit a client’s particular circumstances at any one time. Whenever a change in our approach is necessary we will ensure that you are aware of the possible impact on the advice you ultimately receive.

Keeping you at the centre of all we do!


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