Medical Money Matters

Med-i-cal / Med’ICK’ul / Mon-ey / Mun’ee / Matt-ers / Matt’urs

Peace of mind and financial security for dental, medical and other professionals.

With more than 30 years experience working with dental, medical and other professionals we understand the highly demanding nature of your work often means you:

  • Have little time to manage your financial affairs;
  • Seek expert advice, guidance and, or investment management support;
  • Want help to formulate and maintain a clear financial plan & strategy to make the most of your hard earned money;
  • Need a sounding board and a disciplined approach to look at your finances from time to time;
  • Want a sense of control, peace of mind and financial freedom.

And this is what we do, we offer our clients either financial planning, or financial advice together with a range of on-going services, all of which are designed to help achieve peace of mind & financial security.

The six stage advice process we follow is explained on the What We Do page and the feedback we receive often includes: 

  • “One less thing to worry about”
  • “Peace of mind”
  • “Security for the family”
  • “Security from Day 1 in the event of illness”
  • “Trusted relationship”
  • “A sounding board for reassurance & advice when needed most”
  • “Time saving – I can delegate the paper, the responsibility and worry”
  • “Being truly understood and being able to properly understand”
  • “Having a focus . . . a clear plan”


With so much to concentrate on within your career, it’s obviously important that you have confidence in your financial plans.  And it with this in mind that we would be pleased to introduce you to our specialist Medical Money Matters service which will ensure you have the answers to all the fundamental ‘What If?’ questions.

From detailed financial planning through to addressing more straightforward needs, the work we do will be complementary to the other professional advisers you employ and we will ensure you retain valuable benefits from existing schemes whilst maximising tax reliefs and allowances.

Is this service for you? 

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