We are part of Quilter Financial Planning, one of the leading providers of retail financial advice in the UK.

Quilter are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who provide regular updates regarding current regulatory best practices. Intrinsic then communicate this guidance to us ensuring our ADVICE process reflects the FCA’s primary objective to protect and enhance confidence in the UK financial system.

We work together with Quilter in a positive way and have a shared understanding of what Treating Customers Fairly means and how the services they provide impact on the quality of our advice. The services which are most relevant to our customers include –

  • Quilter Research of the life, pension and investment products available in the UK ensuring the advice you experience is based on a range of leading investment and insurance companies.
  • Quality Assurance & Compliance Monitoring is provided by a specialist team. This regular feedback on the quality & accuracy of our advice and the records we keep on your behalf is invaluable as we seek constant improvement.
  • Customer Complaints – we obviously hope things don’t go wrong! But, should there ever be cause for concern – you can be confident that the Complaints Department at Intrinsic will provide a thorough and impartial review of our advice and the causes for your concern.
  • Technology support helps us to streamline our processes, helping our business to run more efficiently and therefore allowing us to deliver client propositions at a cost, we trust represents real value for money.
  • Professional Development support ensures you can be confident we have the relevant, current skills & knowledge to provide advice in whatever your financial planning needs might be.